Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Traveled 7 Asian countries: Taiwan/China/Vietnam/Cambodia/Thailand/Nepal/India in 3 months

My 3-minoh Asian trip highlights include (1) hiking for 7 days in Annapurna Sanctuary, Nepal, (2) visiting the Halong Bay near Hanoi and a virgin cave in central Vietnam; (3) experiencing cultural shocks in Delhi, India; (4) being victimized by a gem scam in Bangkok, Thailand, and (5) attending 23-yr college classmate reunion in Taipei, Taiwan. You can click on the post titles on the right to browse specific content, or click "older post" at the end of this webpage to browse more content.

 My solo-travel world adventures began in Fall 2011, when I took a three-month leave from work and travelling Argentina/Chile/ Colombia/Ecuador/Peru to experience Latin American life style. http://southamericajt.blogspot.com/

Here are the links to my later trips:

   Fall 2013 Middle East (Greece/Turkey/Georgia/Armenia/Iran/Spain) http://jtmiddleeast.blogspot.com/
   Summer 2014 Cuba/Mexico/Guatemala/Honduras/Nicaragua/Costa Rica http://centralamericajt.blogspot.com/
  Spring 2015 to Taiwan, Indonesia, and the Philippines. http://jtseasia.blogspot.com/
  Summer 2015 cycling with a group across Virginia along the Transamerica trail in 10 days http://cyclex-us-jt.blogspot.com/
  Fall 2015 UK, Poland, Czech Republic, Austria, Slovakia, Hungary, Slovenia, Croatia, Bosnia, Montenegro, Netherlands  http://easteuropejt.blogspot.com/

  Summer  2016 to Italy, Vatican City State, Greece, Albania, Kosovo, Macedonia, Bulgaria, Romania, Serbia, and Germany.   http://italyeasteuropejt.blogspot.com/ 

Summer 2017 to Tajikistan, Kyrgyzstan, Kazakhstan, Chinese Silk Road, Taiwan. https://jtsilkroadcentralasia.blogspot.com/


Spring 2018 to New Zealand, Australia, Singapore, and Taiwan. https://nz-aujt.blogspot.com/

See you around the world soon.

Monday, November 19, 2012

The cleanest and prettiest place I visited in India

Guess where? The Delhi Intentional Airport. On my last day in India, I woke up early to catch up with a 7:20 am train from Jaipur to Delhi. It was a struggle to drag my heavy bag of gifts for 0.5 km from the hotel into the train station. My 2.5-month travelling stuffs weighed less than 8 kg, yet the gifts I bought in Jaipur weighted 18  kg. The AC cabin in the train had better air quality so I did not wear the air mask and barely cough. The Delhi Cantt train station was as dirty yet less crowded as the New Delhi train station.

An Indian young man guided me to a short cut out of the station so I could walk less with my heavy bag of gift. He also volunteered to get me a taxi to the airport. He tried three times but could not negotiate down the taxi fare. I thanked him and got to the taxi to escape to the airport. I really like this airport because it provides free and advanced luggage carts, attentive and polite guards at many spots, electronic charging stations everywhere, full services of shopping, hotel/transportation booking, many money exchanges/ATM, fee massage/nap/shower facilities, etc. I was told that I can get in the departure section only within six hours of my flight. So I got into the visitor lounge to rest and eat lunch. The air quality in the airport is best in all places I visited in India. I felt so safe and relaxed here.

I met an government official from Kenya who is visiting some Indian pharmaceutical facilities to ensure standard compliance. She asked me how could I travelled 3 months without working, and I shared with her my tips of having my money working harder than me. She invited me to visit Kenya next year. Although she is a pharmacist with a governmental job, she does not have much saving. The interest rate is 12% or above in Kenya, but the inflation rate is very high so most people live for just today without concerning of tomorrow.

I later run into a Thai girl chatting with a Taiwanese girls, and we discussed our different travel experience in India, Thailand, and Cambodia. They two enjoyed India very much and could not wait to spend more time in India. I am totally opposite, and could not wait to escape from India.

I waited from 2 pm and finally passed via the security check and arrived at the United Airline (UA) lounge at 7 pm with a one-time pass. After taking a hot shower, I ate dinner, drank brandy, and used wifi. I had a great time before my 22-hr 3-flights back to Washington DC. The UNITED EXPRESS turboprop from Newark to PHL had a mechanical failure so UA canceled the flight and agreed to fly me directly from Newark to Washington DC. My luggage could not catch up with the changed flight, so it arrived 2 hrs after me and I ordered a free delay-baggage-delivery to send it to my house. As such, I took Metro home and was spared from dragging the 18 kg luggage of gifts via Supershuttle or texi. The luggage arrived my house 9:20 pm. My trip finally ended.